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LGBTQ Wellness


Wellness Education Services contributes to a welcoming, inclusive, and affirming campus community for all campus community members with marginalized gender identities, gender expressions and/or sexual orientations by:

On Site, WES Services

Wellness Education Services has a number of resources available on LGBTQ issues, such as: resource binders, LGBTQ library, DVDs. WES is also a Safe Zone safe space for all, with Safe Zone trained staff available for consultations.

Drop-In Support

Drop-in support is available for any student with questions; who needs to talk to someone; or wants resources about LGBTQ issues and identities. We provide support, resources and referral for students that are in the process of coming out as LGBTQ, have questions about their identity, looking for ways to connect with the LGBTQ community, and/or looking for ways to advocate for LGBTQ issues on campus. The LGBTQ Drop-in Services office is located inside the Wellness Education Services Suite, 114 Student Union, and is open:

LGBTQ Library Materials at Wellness Education Services

Wellness Education Services has many LGBTQ-related books and DVDs offered through our lending library. Students are welcome to use the materials in our Relaxation Suite, or check them out for use outside of the suite. All DVDs and books should be checked out at and returned to our front desk.

Find Single-Stall Restrooms

For students looking for single-stall bathrooms, you will find them on both the North and South campuses. These bathrooms may still be gender labeled, but are single use. (* = not accessible with mobility devices or unknown accessibility; m or w = single use, but gender labeled)

North CampusSouth Campus
Bonner Hall 112AKimball Tower 1103*
CFA B96 & B98*Parker Hall 301*
Clemons Hall 118ASherman Hall 14*
Computing Center 117*w & 121*m 
Furnas Hall 217 *w 
Math Building 308 & 309 
O'Brian Hall 321*, 428*, 502A, 531, 628*, 701W, 726 
Greiner Hall A113 & A114 
Creekside Village Comm. Center 
Flickinger Court Comm. Center 

Additional Resources

Other on-campus resources:

Off-campus resources:

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